Blade 400 Parts - Blade 400 Upgrades

The Blade 400 is my favorite Blade helicopter to fly. I have put in many hours with it, but still crash from time to time. I have had some serious crashes and nearly pulled my hair out as I ran to pick up my broken Blade 400 thinking about the cost. As with all Blade R/C helicopters, the Blade 400 replacement parts are very inexpensive and easy to install. Most flyers prefer to have extra Blade 400 parts on hand in case of a crash. Main blades, tail blades, and main gears are usually what I have on hand. I also like to have an extra battery charged up and ready to go so I can extend my flight time.

Some of the Blade 400 parts and upgrades below are no longer in stock. Come back soon as many Blade 400 parts may be back in stock soon.

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Blade 400 Parts

Blade 400 Brushless ESC   Blade 400 1800mAh Lipo Battery
Product Code: EFLA325H
Our Price: $39.99
  Product Code: EFLB18003S
Our Price: $29.69
25 Amp Brushless ESC   1800mAh Lipo Battery
Lipo Battery Charger   Pinion Gear 10T 0.5M
Product Code: EFLC3115
Our Price: $26.99
  Product Code: EFLH1410
Our Price: $2.49
Lipo Battery Charger   Blade 400 10T Pinion
Blade 400 Main Rotor Blades   Blade 400 Main Rotor Screws & Nuts
Product Code: EFLH1415A
Our Price: $12.99
  Product Code: EFLH1416
Our Price: $2.49
Blade 400 Wood Blades   Screw set
Blade 400 Main Rotor Grips   Bell Mixer Arm and Pushrod
Product Code: EFLH1417
Our Price: $5.39
  Product Code: EFLH1418
Our Price: $4.99
Main Bald Grips-Holders   Arm Pushrod
Bell Mixer Pushrod Link   Blade 400 Thrust Bearing
Product Code: EFLH1419
Our Price: $1.99
  Product Code: EFLH1420
Our Price: $5.99
Pushrod Link   Thrust Bearing
Blade 400 Spindle Shaft   Blade 400 Head Block
Product Code: EFLH1421
Our Price: $4.04
  Product Code: EFLH1422
Our Price: $4.99
Spindle Shaft   Rotor Housing
Flybar Seesaw Holder   Flybar Paddle Control Frame Set
Product Code: EFLH1423
Our Price: $2.99
  Product Code: EFLH1424
Our Price: $6.29
Seesaw Holder   Pladdle Control Set
Blade 400 Flybar   Blade 400 Flybar Paddle Mounts
Product Code: EFLH1425
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: EFLH1427
Our Price: $2.49
Flybar   Flybar Paddle Mounts
Blade 400 Flybar Paddles   Blade 400 Washout Base
Product Code: EFLH1428
Our Price: $2.99
  Product Code: EFLH1430
Our Price: $3.99
Paddles   Washout Base
Blade 400 Washout Control Arm   Blade 400 Washout Control Arm Link
Product Code: EFLH1431
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: EFLH1432
Our Price: $1.79
Wasout Control Arm   Washout Arm Link Set
Blade 400 Aluminum Swashplate   Anti Rotation Bracket Guide
Product Code: EFLH1433
Our Price: $15.99
  Product Code: EFLH1434
Our Price: $2.49
Aluminum Swashplate   Anti Rotation Bracket Guide
Blade 400 Control Linkage Ball Long   Blade 400 Control Linkage Ball Short
Product Code: EFLH1435
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: EFLH1436
Our Price: $6.99
Control Ball   Linkage Ball Short
Blade 400 Ball Link Set   Blade 400 Linkage Pushrod
Product Code: EFLH1437
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: EFLH1438
Our Price: $3.99
Ball Link Set   Linkage Pushrod Set
Blade 400 Main Frame   Blade 400 Elevator Control Lever
Product Code: EFLH1439
Our Price: $11.99
  Product Code: EFLH1440
Our Price: $3.99
Main Frame Set   Elevator Control Lever Set
Blade 400 Bearing 5x8x2.5mm   Blade 400 Bearing 5x10x4mm
Product Code: EFLH1441
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: EFLH1442
Our Price: $3.99
Bearing   Bearing
Aluminum Motor Mount   Battery Strap
Product Code: EFLH1443
Our Price: $8.99
  Product Code: EFLH1444
Our Price: $2.49
Motor Mount Set   Battery Strap
Landing Gear Strut   Landing Gear Skid Set
Product Code: EFLH1445W
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: EFLH1446B
Our Price: $3.99
Landing Gear Strut Set   Skid Gear Set
Blade 400 Main Shaft   Blade 400 Retaining Collar
Product Code: EFLH1447
Our Price: $6.29
  Product Code: EFLH1448
Our Price: $2.49
Main Shaft   Main Shaft Collar
Bearing One-Way Shaft and Shim   Bearing One-Way 6x10x12mm
Product Code: EFLH1449
Our Price: $2.99
  Product Code: EFLH1450
Our Price: $5.99
One Way Shaft Shim   One Way Bearing
Blade 400 Main Gear w/o Bearing   Blade 400 Main Gear With Bearing
Product Code: EFLH1451
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: EFLH1452
Our Price: $8.09
Main Gear   Main Gear With Bearing
Blade 400 Tail Drive Gear   Blade 400 Tail Drive Shaft Mount
Product Code: EFLH1453
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: EFLH1454
Our Price: $2.49
Main Tail Drive Gear   Tail Drive Shaft Lower Bearing Mount
Blade 400 Tail Drive Gear Pulley   Blade 400 Tail Drive Belt
Product Code: EFLH1455
Our Price: $4.99
  Product Code: EFLH1456
Our Price: $4.99
Tail Drive Gear Assembly   Tail Drive Belt
Blade 400 Tail Boom   Tail Servo Boom Mount
Product Code: EFLH1457
Our Price: $6.29
  Product Code: EFLH1458
Our Price: $2.49
Tail Boom   Boom Mount
Tail Linkage Pushrod Set   Tail Pushrod Support
Product Code: EFLH1459
Our Price: $3.49
  Product Code: EFLH1460
Our Price: $2.99
Tail Linkage   Tail Pushrod Guide
Tail Boom Support   Blade 400 Fin Mount
Product Code: EFLH1461
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: EFLH1462
Our Price: $3.14
Boom Brace   Stabilizer Fin Mount
Blade 400 Tail Case   Blade 400 Tail Belt Pulley
Product Code: EFLH1463
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: EFLH1464
Our Price: $2.69
Tail Case   Tail Belt Tensioner
Tail Rotor Shaft & Pulley   Bearing 2x5x2.5mm
Product Code: EFLH1465
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: EFLH1466
Our Price: $3.99
Shaft and Pulley   Bearing
Tail Rotor Pitch Lever   Tail Rotor Pitch Control Slider
Product Code: EFLH1467
Our Price: $3.99
  Product Code: EFLH1468
Our Price: $5.39
Rotor Pitch Lever   Pitch Control Slider
Tail Rotor Hub Aluminum   Blade 400 Tail Rotor Grip
Product Code: EFLH1469
Our Price: $2.99
  Product Code: EFLH1470
Our Price: $3.59
Tail Rotor Hub   Tail Rotor Holder
Blade 400 Tail Blade   Yellow Stabilizer Fin
Product Code: EFLH1471
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: EFLH1472Y
Our Price: $4.49
Tail Blades   Stabilizer Fin Yellow
Blade 400 Nuts Screws Washers   Blade 400 Servo Arm
Product Code: EFLH1473
Our Price: $11.69
  Product Code: EFLH1476
Our Price: $4.99
Complete Hardware Set   Servo Arm Set
Blade 400 Canopy Mount Rod   Blade 400 Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1479
Our Price: $2.49
  Product Code: EFLH1481
Our Price: $14.39
Canopy Mount Rod   Yellow Canopy Blade 400
Blade 400 Decals   Blade 400 Brushless 420 Motor
Product Code: EFLH1482
Our Price: $3.59
  Product Code: EFLM1350H
Our Price: $45.99
Decals Tribal   Brushless Motor

Blade 400 Accessories

Blade 400 Tools   Mini Helicopter Pitch Gauge
Product Code: EFLA261
Our Price: $16.99
  Product Code: EFLH1000
Our Price: $11.99
Tool Set   Heli Pitch Gauge
Main Blade Holder    
Product Code: EFLH1001
Our Price: $3.99
Main Blade Holder    

Blade 400 Upgrades

Blade 400 Pinion Gear 9 Tooth   Blade 400 Pinion Gear 11 Tooth
Product Code: EFLH1409
Our Price: $2.49
  Product Code: EFLH1411
Our Price: $2.49
9 Tooth Pinion   Pinion Gear 11 Tooth
Carbon Fiber Main Blades   Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
Product Code: EFLH1415C
Our Price: $33.99
  Product Code: EFLH1471C
Our Price: $15.99
Carbon Fiber Main Blades   Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
Blue Stabilizer Fin   Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Fin
Product Code: EFLH1472B
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: EFLH1472C
Our Price: $15.99
Blue Stabilizer Fin   Fins Carbon Fiber
White Stabilizer Fin   Blade 400 White Canopy
Product Code: EFLH1472W
Our Price: $4.49
  Product Code: EFLH1480
Our Price: $12.34
White Fins   White Canopy
Blade 400 Flame Canopy   Blade 400 Flame Decals
Product Code: EFLH1483
Our Price: $20.69
  Product Code: EFLH1484
Our Price: $3.99
Flame Canopy   Flame Decals


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